How to Take Good Care of Yourself


Our bodies are like complex, beautiful machines. They need fuel. Many of we foodies love food so much that we get problems with weight. Concentrate on quality of food and taste over quantity. You must learn to “eat to live” rather than to “live to eat.” Learn about biology and physiology and understand the macro and micro-nutrients that your body needs every day and eat the healthy foods your body really needs.



Doctors recommend that we get moderate amounts of exercise every day. For most people, this means 20 minutes to an hour per day of something that gets you moving. Whether you go to a gym or just for a brisk walk, you will get the health benefits. Set goals for yourself and make gradual progress towards your goals. Exercise will help you maintain a healthy weight, make you in a better mood and even delay aging.

Friends, Family and Community

No man is an island. We all need people in our life. Take time to be with family and friends and join community organizations. Besides just bringing good karma, doing things for other people will help you as well.

“Me Time”

Many people put so much of their efforts into their job and taking care of a home and family that they fail to look after their own needs.  When you are in an airplane, the flight attendant will always give that pre-flight speech. They will tell you that in case of a loss of cabin pressure the oxygen masks will deploy. They tell you to put on your own mask before helping others. You must be your at your best to take care of all those other responsibilities and people in your life. Be sure to put yourself first once in awhile, because you are as worthy of your own support as others.  Give yourself time to do things like taking a walk in the woods or reading a book. Or take a trip to a  Hair Salon for a make-over or a spa treatment, or go get a massage. You are worth it.


Our bodies and minds need sleep. Many important psychological and physiological processes only take place while we sleep. Lack of sleep can affect your mind and body in very bad ways. If you have trouble sleeping, there are a few things you can do. Keep a regular schedule, which should include the time that you are in bed, with lights and TV off. Don’t drink caffeine late in the day and don’t eat a big meal before bed. You can use sleeping pills or Benadryl occasionally, to get to sleep, but these substances have side effects and can make regular sleep on the long term even harder. As an alternative, try the supplement Melatonin. It is the natural sleep hormone used in your body. Take it about ½ hour before you wish to sleep. Taken regularly and timed correctly, it can help you sleep the same amount every night. You will find yourself more alert and ready to start your day in the morning.