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Preparing your HVAC for Summer Season We are experiencing a tough economic status nowadays and getting away from any surprise expenses such as air conditioning repair is a must. We cannot avoid repairs of our mechanical system but we can’t prevent damages to avoid repairs. To help you with this, the article will give you various common problems and ways to prevent them from happening. To begin with, having disposable filters must mean that every month, it should be replaced. The problem is that because it is out of your sight, you also forget that it needs replacement. Once a year, you always call for service to check up on your air conditioner that isn’t cooling but the actual reason for it is because of the dirty filters you have. Having dirty filters mean that you will suffer discomfort inside your home, you will have frozen indoor coils, and it will also reduce the indoor air quality requiring you to have a great repairing. There are some HVAC unit systems that have wall switches for the purpose of safety and convenience of the owner but this might actually cause confusion to a light switch. If it has been confused to a light switch and has been turned off, the air conditioner will not function at all. So before you even call for service check up, check the switch first.
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If there is no-cool situation is because of the tripped breaker to your air conditioning. Before asking for help, reset it first. If it won’t repeat then it is resolved but if it repeats, you can call the service company already. There are reasons why breakers trip. These reasons might actually be a loose wire, bad capacitor or a bad breaker. If this is not addressed immediately, the problem may worsen.
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There are often thermostats that require switching from heating to cooling mode. If you wrongfully switch it, the air conditioners will not start. But as long as you have high quality digital thermostat, there’s nothing to worry. But if you prefer to buy a cheap one, there is a high probability that it will be damaged immediately causing you to pay more on the repairing. Evaporator coils on the other hand are located inside homes. You should avoid your coil from getting dirty and dusty because this will be the reason why the coil’s heat transfer capabilities are restricted and the air flow system is reduced. A dirty coil will actually give you discomfort and will also contribute to your operating expenses so make sure that you hire an air conditioning service company to help you deal with it.