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What is Blue Crab?

A lot of people do not go for blue crab or cooking them for their family because they just can’t seem to understand how to prepare the dish. And those easy to cook ready-prepared crabs in the supermarket are just not that good. Those claw meat that are shelled as well as those tinned crab just don’t taste as good as the fresh blue crab. And even the fear of being pinched by a live crab scares these home cook’s and that is why they do not cook fresh blue crab.

And also, if you are able to shell your own crab, it would feel much better since you will feel that you got something from what you were doing, which is the meat of the blue crab. The white flesh that you get from the claws of these blue crab are just outstanding, even knocking off the lobster’s meat off the table. And also the brown meat that it has will let your know just how tasty crustacean flavor is, you will never regret what you did to the blue crab. After cooking the blue crab, you will have to break off the claws so that you will not have problems with holding the crab when eating. And when you have the claws, put them in a separate plastic bag and just whack them with something hard like a hammer or rolling pin. This will help stopping all of the shell parts scattering all over the place and you will also have the meat stay in the plastic bag, it would be a waste if it went over he table, right? All of the meat in the crab will be edible, you can even eat the brown meat in the carapace. But do not eat the gills since those will be non-edible and you will spot it quick since it will be look like a grey piece of meat. You can even make stock out from the blue crab’s legs, it will taste magnificent.

This is why blue crab meat will be good for you. You might think that the meat is just for pleasure and making you feel full but the fresh meat you get from blue crab will be perfect for body tissue repair. The things you get from the blue crab’s meat are just so wonderful, getting a good source of omega-3 fatty acids as well. A blue crab meat will also be good for anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids.

A research was conducted and they found out that crab meat can actually help with lowering down blood pressure. The blue crab meat can even help with some heart diseases a person could get and also help with the cognitive function and also if you thought that was enough, here’s more, it can even help battle ulcer and psoriasis.