Tips for Hosting a Dessert Bar for Baby’s First Birthday

Looking to create a unique first birthday party for baby? Host a dessert bar! The choices are endless and there’s something for everyone. Here are some tips from Gelato Products to get you started.

 If this is a frozen treat bar, frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream for little ones. Gelato is a decadent option for the grown ups. Why not offer all three?

 Baked goods are another favorite. Let guests choose from an assortment of cupcakes and toppings, like sprinkles and candies. Or offer an array of cookies. If you still want the traditional birthday cake or smash cake, it can make a beautiful centerpiece for the dessert bar.


 Whether you choose one type of dessert or several, be sure to have the right supplies.

 Napkins: these are a great way to incorporate your baby’s party theme colors! Use them to decorate the table or simply stack them.

 Bowls or plates: place these where you’d like guests to start at the dessert bar.

 Frozen yogurt spoons: make sure these are little one-friendly for your birthday baby and her friends.

 Gelato spoons: these often have a flat, blunted edge.

 Ice cream spoons: these are similar to other dessert spoons, but labeling each kind can help guests choose between frozen desserts.

 Forks: only needed if cake is served.

 From here, decorating is easy and can be as simple or complex as you like! Enjoy your baby’s first birthday party, knowing you’ve created an appealing and unique dessert bar!