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Five Reasons to Pick Loose Leaf Tea Over Tea Bags Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage. Almost all cultures embrace it. When you are sick, it makes for great company, besides being fun to drink. How do you prepare your tea? It can be made in more than just one style. There’s the ordinary teabag method, and there’s the loose leaf style of preparation. For superior quality tea, the loose leaf style will give you the best results. Loose leaf tea is the best for several reasons, and this article highlights just five of those below. More beneficial, health-wise Loose tea is made up of larger leaves. These leaves contain more catechin antioxidants and enough plant polyphenols. Essentially, when you use these leaves, your health stands to benefit more because you extract a lot more nutritional value from the tea. Tea has many health benefits. For example, the ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, to accelerate weight loss, prevent some cancers, and improve your immune system.
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Most tea consumers all over the world are only limited to what they get on the shelves of supermarkets. There are four major types of tea; the white, green, black and oolong. Every single one of these major classes are subdivided farther into more sub-classes. Most of these varieties are available as loose leaf tea. This is one of the greatest enjoyments a genuine tea drinker gets. Better flavor and aroma Loose tea leaves are more not quite as natural as loose leaf tea. The large surface area characteristic of loose tealeaves enable them to offer you more natural oils. If you get more natural oils, you are bound to experience an improved flavor and taste. Loose-leaf will have a nice, fresh and clean flavor. Depending on the variety, you may get a vegetal, malty, floral, earthy or sweet taste. Bagged tea will have nothing more to offer you apart from adding some color to your cup. Better freshness It is recommended that you enjoy tea in the first six to eight months. It is also easier to spot a fresh leaf than to conclude that a ground form is fresh. Young and fresh tea is undoubtedly the best quality. This is what loose tea provides you with. Ensure that you consume your loose leaf tea as soon as you purchase it lest it goes bad too. Can be a special gift Everybody loves gourmet food presented to them as a gift. Loose leaf tea will almost always impress your guests. If you present loose leaf tea to anyone as a present, they feel loved and special. Additionally, you can add some samples of varieties for your loved ones to pick from. They may even get addicted. Loose leaf tea is affordable and by far better than bagged tea.