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A Guide to Wedding Sand

The journey of love and life for a couple begins when a wedding is celebrated. That is the reason why any wedding practices are celebrated when a couple is being united. When these practices are included in your wedding it makes more meaningful and special. This however is not to mean that all these practices have to be done at once. You can choose just one. The wedding sand practice involves even the couples families and can be included in the wedding celebrations.

A wedding becomes great if a couple considers sand ceremony. This is because it shows a more personal choice from the other ceremonies that are observed widely. If a beach wedding is done along a sand ceremony it is memorable but it can also be incorporated with other wedding practices.

It may be the first time for a family to witness a sand ceremony in their family. As a result making such a ceremony memorable is meaningful.
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Sand is used in a wedding ceremony to confirm the couples union. Some people use color sand, where one color represents the affection and love of the bride and another color representing the same of the groom. Here two sand vials are prepared.
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After rings and vows have been exchanged then a couple comes together. The unity that the couple has just declared to be man and wife is displayed as the couple pours out their sand in an empty vase together. This sand mixed symbolizes a husband and wife’s unity. After sand has been poured in the vase this is a symbol of what to expect in a marriage.

The grandparents of the couple are involved in the wedding sand practice. The grandparents bless the couple. Parents of the newlywed are also supposed to participate in the sand ceremony in the varied versions of the sand ceremony. The unity of both parents and the newlywed is shown in this poured sand.

The sand ceremony is the best part of the wedding is a highlight that will forever remind the couple of the ceremony. The sand ceremony practice will always remind the couple how all the family members were involved in the wedding ceremony.

The smooth running of a wedding comes after careful planning of a wedding. Including all the essentials of a wedding is key. This involves the inclusion of the uncolored and colored and sand vials and a vase with cover. Sometimes one might think of having shaped or painted vials.

When a wedding is admired it becomes the reason someone gets the urge to shop for the sand to make it wedding sand easy. There are online shops that sell wedding sand. It becomes easier if you compare the prices and designs.