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Types and Advantages of Oven Cooking

An oven is like a hollow space thermally shielded mainly used ti heat,dry or bake items. The earliest ovens were originally found in Europe and their major purpose was to roast and boil items. However the most recent ovens are highly improved in terms of their cooking speed.

Ovens are of different types. A double oven as the name suggests has two ovens or a microwave oven and an oven. The kitchen cabinet is used to hold the double oven.

A gas oven was mainly used like a stove to make food. After some time a temperature regulator was added to the gas oven. The enamel coating added to the gas stove was meant to make cleaning work easier.

When cooking using a microwave oven radiation waves are the source of heat.

Toaster ovens have removable baking pans. A pit is dug into the ground and then heated to make the earth oven. They are not fast enough when it comes to cooking.

The form of ceramic oven depends on different traditions.

Wall ovens are large and are mounted on walls.

. There are some Factors to consider when buying an oven. A the self-determining test lab is important. Make sure you give the correct details to the seller to make contact in case of any potential danger. Consider how the oven has been installed and make sure it’s well done.

Protection measures when using the ovens. Cooking should never be left unattended. The oven should be kept clean since food particles can cause fire. When cooking keep your hair well tied and long sleeved clothes rolled up to prevent them from catching fire. When using gas as the source of energy make sure it has been properly fixed to prevent fire outbreak.

No food should be left in the oven since an oven is not meant for storage. Racks should be well positioned before preheating the oven to prevent burning.

If the oven happens to catch fire make sure to keep the door closed and switch off the heating element.

The gain of cooking using an oven. Cooking using a microwave is energy saving since it cooks fast. The flavor or texture of food is not affected by being reheated in an oven. Nutrients are preserved when oven cooking compared to when pan cooking. Food is uniformly cooked since the heat is evenly distributed. Washing dishes using for cooking in a microwave is easy since food doesn’t stick on the sides. The vessel used for heating do not get heated when heating the food.

Baked foods are low in fat compared to deep fried foods hence good for consumption.

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