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Knowing Where To Eat In Colchester You can find the small but historic town of Colchester in Essex England. It is in Colchester that it is considered as one of the driest areas in England. There are still good places to eat in Colchester. It I sin this article that we will be talking about the best places to eat in Colchester. It is in 2 North Hill Colchester that you will find the North Hill Noodle Bar. In the town of Colchester, North Hill Noodle bar has been considered as one if the favorites since it opened about 15 years ago. The best Asian food ever served can be tasted in this restaurant. Every step that you take in it uphill location is really worth it. Thai and Singaporean foods are served in this restaurant. Tam Yan soup and spicy noodle soup are served in this restaurant fresh. Located in 7 Centurian House, St. John’s street is the Bella Pais and is one of the restaurants that you should try. The best steak in the area is served by them. The restaurant has been in business for 30 years and has been famous for their large steaks and scrumptious kleftiko. It is this restaurant that is run by the family and has always been known as their place is always packed with guest.
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Another restaurant that you should try in Colchester is the Il Padrino which can be found on 11 Church Street. Since the restaurant opened in 2013, it has quickly built its reputation as one of the favorites in the won. It is Fausto that’s running the restaurant and has been serving delectable authentic Italian dishes. If you also want Mediterranean meals, Il Padrino which means the godfather also serves them. The restaurants best dishes are scallops, skate wings and pan fried chicken. Guest also loves their consistent and pleasurable service.
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You should also try out the Red Dog Restaurant which you can find in Kelvedon Road, Inworth. When you are into top class food, ten you should try out this restaurant. The look of the restaurant has a simple layout but the food will certainly out you in awe. It is in this restaurant that you will be able to taste caviar made from beetroot, steaks and burgers. Aside from this, they also have a variety of different dishes to choose from ad will always treat you like family. In Munnings Art Museum, Castle House, Castle Hill, Dedham is where the Garden cafe is located which is another restaurant that you should not miss. It is in this place that you will experience the traditional English tea-and-scones which are made in perfection. You can also try out their sandwiches, cream teas, light one pot lunches and their famous cakes and pastries.