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How to Maintain Your Beard

When it comes to keeping a beard, there is a bit more that goes into maintaining it. Once you have decided to grow or keep a beard, you will need proper beard care and grooming to ensure that your beard looks healthy and manageable. Fortunately, you don’t have to do much work in order to maintain a good looking beard. Whether you are planning to keep a short, medium or long beard, understanding these maintenance tips will make your grooming work much easier.

The first important thing is to regularly wash your beard 2-3 times a week with a natural shampoo for men. This is important so as to keep your beard clean, prevent any build-up of food from accumulating in your beard and ensure it smells great. It’s important to give your beard the same level of attention as your head. When buying beard shampoo, you don’t have to purchase special beard wash products as most simple shampoos will do the job. Make sure to choose a beard shampoo that uses natural ingredients and one that is sulfate free. Make sure to read product labels when shopping around to help you avoid beard products with harmful chemicals.

Keep your beard conditioned and hydrated with the right beard oil. When picking a beard oil, you will want one with a range of essential oil extracts that will ensure your beard looks shiny and feels soft to the touch. The right oil will prevent any itchiness or flakes underneath the skin of your beard and also ensure follicle health. Your beard should be as healthy as the skin underneath it. To ensure you are using your beard oil well, only use a few drops and massage it on the base of your beard, in contact with your skin. Gently use your hands to evenly spread the beard oil over the entire beard and skin underneath. During the dry climate, apply beard oil daily and only a few times a week when it’s humid.
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Learn how to trim your beard. Trimming is an essential part of beard care and grooming. In case you have a long or medium sized beard, you can use simply grooming scissors to unwanted hair. For short beards, a trimmer will be much easier to use. While trimmers are good for creating split ends on your beard, scissors allow you to shape your beard better. Make sure that every few weeks you trim off loose ends, uneven patches and split ends. When trimming your beard, follow the natural lines of your face and make sure that you maintain a uniform length. Brush your hair after trimming with a small beard brush.
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Don’t forget to trim your neckline. To maintain hair growth around your neck, regularly use your trimmer to get rid of unwanted growth. If you grow a lot of hair around your neck, you should be trimming at least two times a week. For men that are serious about keeping a beard, it’s important to invest in some quality beard products. There are many specialized beard stores online selling all types of beard products. Have a look at what different leading brands offer and compare their product prices. Following these simple points will help you take care of your beard for the best look.