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Approaches Used in Pest Control.

Pest is a worldwide problem affecting human race. Insects that destroy produces and other vegetation such as agriculture produce are known as pests. Controlling of pests that disrupt health of human beings, destroy farm produce and vegetation is called pest control. Mice, lice, and mosquitoes are examples of pests that interrupt human health. Specialists have come up with various methods of pest control due to technology and science innovation. When agriculture started then it gave a chance of pest control to exist. Controlling of herbivores that compete with humans and types of weeds that compete with crops is necessary hence using pest control method. Pest management involves various steps to control pests. Various steps are, identify the kind of pest, and decide which method to use and lastly use the method to control the pest.

In biological method parasites predators which consume pests are in use, for example a cat is used to chase and eat rats and mice, this method is safe for human being and pets. Fumigation is a method of pest control which uses a criteria of moving pets from their structures then sealing those structures and induce a concentrated gas like carbon dioxide to destroy the pests. Suffocation by heat and soil steaming leads to destruction of pests. Non-toxic oils repellents obtained from trees like Balsam fir oil rat repellent are used as the biological method. Trees produce non-toxic repellent oils to repel pests, for example, the rat repellent named Balsam fir oil. A method where pests are repelled by some one of a kind plant in a farm of kind of produce such as planting onion in a vegetable garden then a biological method has been in use.

Chemical method is a pest control method which uses insecticides, pesticides and herbicides to control pests. Space treatment uses seclusion of animals and pets so as to spray their structures and houses with insecticides to terminate and destroy pests with their eggs. Poisoning of rats using bait is known as poisoned bait. Spray method uses handheld sprayers to spray pests or structures contact with pests for illustration mosquitoes, weevils and other crop pests. When destroying ticks pesticides are sprayed on cattle.

There is no use of chemicals when using traditional methods to control pests and weeds. After harvesting some people burns the left overs of weeds hence controlling pests by destroying the eggs inhabited in them. Traps are convenient traps that are used to trick and trap mice and rats from home and stores. Traps are designed differently to serve different purposes. When you come across an infected crop or infested by pests, uprooting and burning of the crop to destroy pests is a way of controlling pests.

A factor necessary for human and pet health and farm yields is pest control.

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