How to process meat

How to process the meat greatly determine the quality of the taste of cuisine. Want to know how to cook the right meat? Here are tips on how to process the right flesh:

  1. Select the cut of meat according to the type of cuisine

Every wish to make a dish, choose the appropriate piece of beef. “For example, to make a steak choose meat tenderloin or sirloin,”. If you do not understand the parts of the cow that are suitable for a particular dish, can ask the butcher. Can also get information from the internet.

  1. Lower the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator

Before cooking, lower the meat stored in the freezer to the refrigerator. The rule is, lower the meat from the freezer to the refrigerator for 12 hours per 1 kilogram of meat before cooking. The goal is that meat can be easily cooked because it is not frozen.

  1. Do not wash

To freeze the frozen meat from the freezer, do not wash or soak the beef with water, especially with warm water. “Wrong temperature, like warm water to wash meat, can actually make bacteria contaminate meat,” said chef Vindex. In addition to easily contaminated bacteria, the process of washing or soaking the meat can also eliminate the nutrients contained in beef.

Preferably, the meat is washed before it is put into the freezer, with the water should flow. Before it is stored in the freezer, meat should be cut into small pieces. Cutting is not arbitrary, meat must be cut across the fiber meat.

  1. Choose the ground meat

The easiest process of fattening meat is to use a quality meat grinder. “But be careful with ground meat, because the ground meat is susceptible to bacteria. Never wash the ground beef, because the bacteria will quickly contaminate the meat, “. Then, do not let ground meat in the open room for up to four hours because the bacteria can also contaminate.

This milled meat other than tender is also very easily varied. Eg for making sandwiches, meatball balls, to spaghetti. With so many variations of food made, then the child does not get bored and prefers the processed beef.

  1. Make a beef steak

“Choose prime cut meat, the rib eye, tenderloin, or sirloin. These three parts are part of the most tender meat from the cow, so it is very fitting made steak, “. How to make a steak is very easy, just salt the meat just before baking, then start baking after the meat smeared with oil. However, the salting process also should not be too long, maximum 30 minutes. Because, if too long juice from the meat it will come out.

Keep in mind, do not put the meat on the grill that has not been hot because it will make the meat sticky, wait for the grill is really hot. Lit the meat with oil instead of the grill. Once cooked, let the meat stand for a while before being cut and served.

  1. Make meat stir-fry

To make meat more tender when pan-fried, add 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch into cooking.