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Olive Oil Soaps – A Gift for All Occasions Olive oil soaps are the answer to all your gift-offering problems. Everyone loves a handmade gift, as well as a practical gift like olive oil soaps are better still. Olive oil soaps are cheap and simple to make. There are lots of sample recipes for olive oil soaps that utilize olive oil in them. A lot of people will utilize a recipe that needs just olive oil, but some will add a number of other natural ingredients for other advantageous reasons. The olive oil soaps recipe listed below is 80% pure olive oil, but has some palm (to make the soap more durable) and coconut (to add bubbles to the lather). It is a good harmony of the three oils. What You’ll Require:
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16 oz. olive oil; 6. olive oil; 6. 7 oz. lye; 5 oz. coconut oil; 5 oz. palm oil; and 1. of crucial aroma (if you’d like scented soap); and 5 oz. coconut oil. Please research further or the seek the assistance of a professional should you be unsure in any way concerning the aforementioned measurements for the olive oil soaps, as well as the procedure for working with lye or ask a professional for help.
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Olive oil soaps tools: big pot; soap mold; rubber spatula; spoon; gloves; stick blender and safety goggles. Let’s Get Started Before beginning the project, ensure you have all the ingredients, in addition to a work space that is proper. First melt your solid oils, which are your palm oil and your coconut oil. Melt them in the big pot over medium heat. Switch off the heat after the oils reach around 110 degrees. Next, add the olive oil to the soaps recipe. Make sure the palm and coconut oils are hot before adding the olive oil. Make sure before adding the lye, the temperature is 100 degrees. Add the lye really slowly. Stick-mix the mixture and you’ll quickly see it turn cloudy. When combining, start with short spurts by the stick-blender. Do this until the oils and the lye are mixed together 100-percent. Then add colors, the fragrances, or anything else you find necessary, like say flower petals. Pour the mixture of soap into the mold directly. Pour in a back-and-forth motion. It’ll be thick. After you have finished pouring, tap the mold gently on your counter top. This will definitely help remove any extra bubbles. In order to maintain the heat in you’ll need to put a towel over your mold. Place aside your new creative gift for about 24 hours to cool. After it is cooled, cut on your soaps into the size/shape you would like, and decorate using a piece of ribbon or toile. Everybody is sure to love your present of handmade soaps.