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Important Reasons for You to Add Omega 3 Fish Oil in the Diet of Your Children

Are you aware that giving children omega 3 fish oil would help boost the brain? Offering the children omega 3 fish oil has really shown value when it comes to improving brain formation, functioning and development. This one reason why omega 3 is considered as the brain food. You might be doubtful about the idea of providing children with omega 3 fish oil but you shouldn’t be since the omega 3 is one essential fatty acid which is needed by the body for various functions. When you are not really convinced at the idea, then here are the reasons that you should start providing the children omega 3 fish oil supplements immediately.

You should know that the intake of such omega 3 is actually recommended while in the uterus of the mother and on the first few years of life of a child. This is because of such fact that omega 3 fatty acid has a big role in the brain development. The brain of the child would grow quickly on the first few years of life and such would entail the need for such healthy fats like EPA and DHA. Understand that DHA is one really important component of cell membranes and such would allow the membranes to transport those nutrients in and also out of the brain cells.

Understand that the omega 3 supplements don’t just give the children with those good fats but they can also help the lower bad ones. It is not a secret that children love to eat junk food and the foods that have high cholesterol. The omega 3 could help lower the cholesterol levels and also help reverse the effects of the trans-fat that they can get from consuming unhealthy foods. Such bad fats may contribute to the development of heart diseases in the future as well as omega 3 fatty acids may help in the reduction of such risk.

Apart from having a healthy brain as well as heart, the omega 3 can help in the development of the healthy vision. You must remember that omega 3 is actually found in large concentrations in the eye’s retina and such is part of the tissue which is responsible in converting the electrical impulses from light energy. Know that omega 3 fatty acids can help in enhancing vision, focus and perception.

You should make sure that the children’s diet would include omega 3. You can add them in various ways through the food that you give them and not just only through the omega-3 supplement that you can buy in the pharmacy. Because of this, you must get to know more recipes containing more omega-3 in them.