Ember Makes a Perfect Workday Companion

We all need supportive co-workers to get us through another hard day at work. Whether it’s to lend an ear about an ongoing project, to vent about workplace policies, or just to enjoy the company of others, co-workers can make or break a good day at work. Here’s another new championed workplace companion: Ember. It’s not a person. It’s among a long line of tech coffee mugs that are sweeping into workplaces and making them just a little warmer and more welcoming.

Temperature controlled coffee mugs utilize a lot of science to give workers the perfect cup of coffee. While not every one of these mugs gets the formula right, Ember is among one of a few that have tapped into the science that makes these mugs possible. Millions of people have searched for Ember online, hoping to find out if it lives up to the hype.

Coffee temperature plays a huge part in the taste of coffee, so it’s never a good idea to go with machines that don’t play close attention to the magic temperatures that match tastes. Not everyone prefers their coffee heated to 142 degrees, but a good number of people will find that it’s the perfect temperature for coffee in their Ember mug. Others will like it just a little cooler.

The great thing about these mugs is that they give you a variety of temperatures to choose from. Try one the first day, one the second, and one the third. Determine what your favorite temperature is for your many different varieties of coffee and you’re certain to stumble upon a winner for your workday. These mugs have been gaining in popularity ever since the idea of a temperature-controlled mug was introduced.

The best part about tech mugs is that they can be operated manually on the mug itself or controlled via a mobile app. Imagine being able to control everything about your perfect cup of coffee from a simple app. This is the kind of adult toy that a worker never tires of. At the end of all your high tech efforts is a steaming hot cup of the perfect coffee.

During the day at work, things can grow tedious. Coffee is the perfect way to get through a hard day at work. Add in a little bit of coffee tech to things and the day suddenly becomes a little more exciting. Coffee’s effect on alertness has been well-documented, so this isn’t just a neat little tech toy, but perhaps a way to increase productivity in the office place. During a grueling day at work, there’s nothing better than one of those high powered cups of coffee, and thanks to temperature controlled mugs, now people can enjoy a much more perfect cup of coffee to make the day a little brighter, easier, and more alert. They’re currently available from the official websites or from well known online retailers. All that’s left to do is buy your favorite coffee and show up to your next day of work.