Baking What Customers Like to Eat

Going to culinary school helped me learn which foods go together well. It’s not necessarily something that everyone knows from birth because there are so many different flavor combinations. I don’t know if I could have successfully started my business without the knowledge I learned in culinary school, and I met my wife at school, so I’m certainly glad to have attended class. We were able to combine our interested in making culinary cuisines when we opened our first bakery. We’ve opened several more locations after the first one was so successful, and all of them have our unique flavor combinations that customers seem to appreciate.

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I’ve heard from some of the people that shop at our bakeries about what they like and what they don’t like. In terms of breads, it matters a whole lot whether or not the bread is fresh. If it feels hard, then it most likely will not meet the approval of the customer. This is true with bread that might feel soft in the middle, which rules out some of the loaves we bake. Sometimes we have to remind our customers that the inside of the load of bread is still soft, and sometimes we have to put the day old bread on the shelf at a discount price.

We’ve had some success in our city because we’ve been catering to specific niche crowds. We have one bakers that specifically caters to vegans and vegetarians. That bakery gets special attention from vegans and vegetarians all around our city, and it’s been picked up for reviews in vegan magazines. People who are health conscious tend to visit that location, but our other locations aren’t necessarily unhealthy for the customers. This is because we try to buy the best ingredients for our products. The better quality ingredients will bake better in the oven, and they taste better to the pallet. Don’t be swindled by buying poor quality ingredients just to save a few dollars up front. Your customers will appreciate the thought you put into buying organic, high quality products.

In addition to buying high quality products for your bakery, make sure to sell products that will impress upon your customers the notion that you and your staff know what tastes good. You can do this by using products that have special seasonings in their ingredients. A good example of a product with special seasoning are poppy seed hot dog buns that we have been selling at our bakery. They are hard to keep on the shelves with how popular they have become.

It’s important to bake to meet the demands of your customers that shop at your store, so don’t make something just because you like to eat it. Your customer’s sense of what tastes good might be completely different. Customers might also have allergies or dietary restrictions that prevent them from enjoying the same food that you frequently indulge in with your family. Be sure to take into consideration the needs of customers.