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Learn More about the Uses of Garbage Disposals for Commercial Buildings There are a lot of food scraps that are being produced by every household and commercial buildings, specifically the restaurants and fast food chains, every day, and became a problem in the whole community which can lead to the development of public health, environmental and sanitation problems. A certain architect named John W. Hammes has created and designed a very useable and beneficial device that can lessen the occurrence of such problems in the community and that certain device is what we called as garbage disposal. Another term used for garbage disposal includes garburator, garbage disposes, garbage disposal unit and waste disposal unit, and it is a device that is installed specifically between the sink’s drain and trap, and is commonly powered with the use of the electrical system. The device’s basic function and importance in the kitchen area is to shred of any food waste or food particles so that it can immediately and easily pass on the plumbing system, which can result to the cleanliness and orderliness of the whole kitchen area and undesirable odor or smell that comes from the left-over foods that are traditionally placed on the garbage cans is inexistent. There are two basic types of garbage disposal, namely the batch feed which is typically used by placing the waste inside the disposal before the device is being started, and the continuous feed which is the most commonly used type of garbage disposal and is typically used by placing the food waste in the disposal after being started. Owners and the management of fast food chains and restaurants are advised to purchase and install such device in their commercial kitchen, for it provides great benefits which can promote orderliness and cleanliness of the surrounding areas of their kitchen. As the days passed by, the garbage disposal device may have the need some fixing, specifically when food waste back up or hums on another sink, when it tends to leak and foul odor may spread on the kitchen’s surrounding area, which can be caused by the wearing out of the important components of the said device such as its motor, bearing and faulty seals. It may cause a lot of money in repairing or fixing such device, luckily, is that there are some useful tips found in the internet in handling the said device to maintain its good condition and stability, and that includes avoidance of placing any trash or hard items such as utensils, glass, screw, nails, rubber bands, cigarette butts, hair, grease, bottle caps and children’s toys; by running cold water while the disposal system is on to avoid overheating; by cleaning the garbage disposal in a regular manner; includes keeping anything too hard, such as hard bones and hard shells of shrimps, shellfish and crabs, out of the disposal which can cause the shredder to become dull and become less efficient; and lastly, is by not placing any starchy or fibrous items in the disposal or in a minimal increments or cut in small pieces, such as celery, banana peels, potato peelings, artichokes, coffee grounds or filters, hard seeds and fruit pits, onion skins and egg shells, and instead placed in composting sites.

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