5 Typical Indonesia Renowned Culinary World

Indonesian country is famous for its tourist attractions, which are often visited by foreign tourists. But, not only that a delicious culinary tourism, it is also very global. Indonesian food is very famous and rich in its spices was already widely known by various parts of the country.
A lot of culinary options that you can eat in this country. This also causes the Indonesian food festival has always featured in the culinary world because almost all of Indonesia’s culinary use of spices that can not be found in other countries. This is why the Indonesian food is so much in demand and has unique properties. The following 5 Typical Indonesian cuisine is very popular in the world.
1. Fried Rice
You can find lots of fried rice from various countries. Agree not, if it’s a typical Indonesian fried rice has a distinctive flavor that always makes you miss? Sure, you can find lots of fried rice if it is in Indonesia.
Starting from the roadside fried rice, until there is any five-star restaurant. So delicious, this food has also been recognized by the United States President, Barack Obama, who said that the original Indonesian fried rice is really very delicious and tasty. You also can makes fried rice by yourself through fried rice recipe
2. Gado-gado
When abroad we can find salads, unlike the case with typical Indonesian Gado-gado made of herbs and spices native to Indonesia. In 2010 ago, this hodgepodge first prize in a cooking competition at the international level category culinary aesthetic appearance in Napoli, Italy.
3. Tempe
Based foods from soybeans is apparently already often mejeng in culinary festival in the world. Indonesian food is most often the dishes are reprocessed with a variety of flavors and cuisines.
Not only in Indonesia, was in London also streetfood called Warung Tempeh and highly favored by the people around.
4. Sate
Who can resist the delights of the Sate. Usually the food is presented in two variants, Sate Sate Padang and Madurese. Many of the foreign tourists who visited Indonesia to always look for the sate for the deliciousness that is unmatched.
You can find a lot of food stall in Indonesia, even in New York, the United States also has an Indonesian restaurant named Satay Junction and sell the chicken satay as a menu mainstay.
5. Nasi Padang
This is her culinary Indonesia most favored by locals and foreign tourists. As if did not want to miss the enjoyment of the native cuisine of West Sumatra, those who visited Indonesia also never want to miss it.
These days there are also tourists from Norway named Audun tasting Nasi Padang and was so out of love for Indonesian cuisine of this globally the tourists also to make a song called “Nasi Padang”. In addition Nasi Padang also turned into the position register 50 as the best dish in the world by CNN. Because marinade rich in spices, almost no one who can resist.